Change Your Life - Thur 3rd Oct.2013 Fairmont Towers, Heliopolis Cairo - Egypt, One Day Event        
President Speech
To be individuals mirror seeking professionalism.

Reaching the change we want.

Ensuring a professional business environment.

It is not what you sell; it is what you stand for.

To be the Professionals companion.

Mind - Heart Link
To draw a lifelong print; not only in minds, but mainly in hearts.

It is my proud to be online with every pharma professional, really I have no words to say except: I will spend all my time to deliver what keeps our online meetings regular and continuous and in this regard I will tell you about two very important addresses:

The 1st concerning how to find free full text scientific articles in PDF Format which is:

Full PDF marketing & scientific texts

It is not always easy to find scientific articles in free full text. For this reason, with Google technology, my professional friend Brice Sagot, Chargé de veille en biotechnologie...


mind4pharma is a 3rd party, global, professional entity looking for about 10000 members who work in every facet of the discovery, development, life cycle management, sales, marketing of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and related products in MENA region.

mind4pharma is committed to the broad dissemination of information among our members, with continuously improved professional practice as the goal.

mind4pharma serves our members in a neutral, global environment that operates independent of the influence of any one organization or authority.

Providing invaluable forums to exchange vital information and discuss current hot issues related to pharma industry in MENA region.

Delivering customized learning experiences through mind4pharma`s customized training.

Building, maintaining, and facilitating trusted relationships with and among individuals and organizations that drive and share mind4pharma values and believes through our summits & courses.

Offering a multidisciplinary neutral environment, respected globally for integrity and relevancy through our tailored business solutions.

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  Change your mindset to Change your deliverables
Change is possible; the need for change is increasing; change capability is necessary
for the organizations that will succeed in the future.
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